Arvind Kejriwal (AK): The AK-47 of Socialism!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Politics
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Sometimes it happens in society that people are so frustrated, irritated, fearful and confused with the politics and policies of government that they are willing to embrace anything, which gives them hope, that everything will be fine until they do not believe everything; what uncapped crusaders like Arvind Kejriwal has to offer in name of swaraj. The problem does not totally lies with the people but with political class, more specifically with the opposition (the case in point BJP), who did not even tried to tap feeling and went behind these Satyagraha movement or Anti corruption movement. The lacuna of ignorance and hatred for government rather getting filled and tapped by opposition parties, is taken up by the Crusader (Arvind Kejriwal) and made it a national movement as people were having same feeling of  frustration, irritation, fearfulness and confusion everywhere. Media played a heavy role in making this as full time 24X7 entertainment on their channel. Government was totally inane to get hold on movement and deal with it properly as they themselves were buried under number of scams, measuring in billions of dollars. Government even tried to suppress the movements by force and given opportunity to crusaders, to use the anger of crowds as weapon and become submissive to their idea; whatever they have to offer, without understanding it.

Arvind Kejriwal hijacked the resentment of people to propagate his idea of socialism on the society and made them believe that it will work; but issue is; socialism has failed miserably almost everywhere else in the world. He thinks just being honest will serve the purpose and that’s not the truth. You need to have a bare minimum knowledge to economics to make change. Let’s take Kejriwal idea of prices as put by him “we will put forth all pricing models and mechanisms, it will spark off a debate and at the end the people will choose the model they feel suits them the best”. That’s a very bad and absolutely childish idea to the core, when people or group of people or hundreds of people decide the price of commodity. Price of commodity should be decided by the market so that everybody gets the fair price of their commodity or goods. As said by Mises that “When people talk of a price level, they have in mind the image of a level of a liquid which goes up or down according to the increase or decrease in its quantity, but which, like a liquid in a tank, always rises evenly. But with prices, there is no such thing as a level. Prices do not change to the same extent at the same time. There are always prices that are changing more rapidly, rising or falling more rapidly than other prices”. Fixing the price to certain level will hamper the source for which this fixing of pricing is done i.e. farmers.

Take a scenario where two farmers are growing potatoes and both the famers had a fair crop but size of potatoes for the former is big and latter is small. Now the former wanted to sell his yield at better price and latter crop is good but not worth the fixed amount of money. What happens in this scenario even when individual wanted to sell at the price at which they want, former has to sell it lower and latter will get sold for fixed price even when his size of his yield doesn’t match. Hence former will be at a loss while when prices are not fixed former will get better price and latter crop also will be sold but not at the same price. Next time latter will try to fix the issue in his crop and will gain better return if yield come out better. But when prices are kept stationary as Kejriwal wanted to do, with communion  of people rather than let the market decide, the incentive to produce better will be lost. Better person among the two will lose the intent to do better next time and all innovation and new ideas will die. As even if he gets bumper and much better yield he will not be able to sell at price which he wanted. This is core of socialism to fix the prices of all commodity but here what Kejriwal wanted a difference with huge participation to fix the price, then how does it matter if government fix prices or the local fix prices it is bad individually for the person. Individual should have all the liberty to choose the price on his own rather than majority or government. This is basic economic lesson of which Kejriwal has absolutely no knowledge and it is not wrong to call him economics illiterate.

In his whole book “Swaraj” he talks about the participation in the form of “Gram Sabha” where the decision will be taken for the common good of the people rather than relying on central government to make the scheme. Till here it is all well and good but the catch is, he still wanted all the fund from centre to local ‘gram sabha’. He did not want to abolish the all the bogus schemes under the name helping the poor, but what he want is to twist the arm and say that just the unlinked fund. But we want funds from government, who rob from people under the name of taxation and funnel it again to some scheme so that they can get away with as much as they can. The problem with government spending is that there is no boundary where it will stop, once something went out the kitty how to stop it or how to make it profitable and they do not have to make it profitable as it is not their own money (case in point government owned industries) . When a person spends the money he/she needs something of worth and when stolen they feel it as it is hard earned money but when it is not, nobody will feel the pinch as it never belonged to them. So, the major question is to stop the funding of money to help the poor and help people by removing all the red tapes and let them open the industries to help the poor according to their qualification. Most people seem to forget that the government can pay out only what it borrows or collects in taxes. This is again one of the core belief of socialism to repair the un-repairable by experimenting on other’s people money under the scheme of helping the poor. The case in point here Kejriwal, who doesn’t seem to have any idea on economics but he wanted to help by doing something and his supporters give him something. But that something is dangerous and it will lead to a spiral of more poverty and backwardness.

Again he gets overboard and throws words like government is talking away the land, water and forests and farmers are not having any control over the same and directly comes to conclusion that hands of greedy and avaricious political leaders and their equally greedy and avaricious government stooges; and no accountability for government servants. This greed is the basic instinct and the driving factor for person to get money and raise his/her family in better way. So he wanted to fix the symptom rather than fixing the real issue, which is Right to Property; which was given to people of this country under the constitution and was taken away and made as statuary right. That is, whenever government want they can take away the land from anyone and give him/her the price which is written as per the document 10/20/30 years ago. Right to property which was diluted and A new provision, Article 300-A, was added to the constitution which provided that “no person shall be deprived of his property save by authority of law”. Thus if a legislature makes a law depriving a person of his property, there would be no obligation on the part of the State to pay anything as compensation. The aggrieved person shall have no right to move the court under Article 32. Thus, the right to property is no longer a fundamental right. This is the root cause and socialist parties will never try to give the fundamental right back to people and same is the case with hard core socialist Kejriwal, who wanted his name as a crusader in history. Kejriwal will not even think or act or consider in this direction as it will give power back into the hands of people and crusader is not needed after that.

Crusader Kejriwal misunderstood FREEDOM in totality, freedom is “a state in which each can use his own knowledge for his own purposes.” But for Kejriwal it does not matter what freedom means, what matters is to make the fool out of people who believes that being an honest person; he is no harm to Nation. Following someone blindly and without understanding is also slavery where person is blinded by his/her own thoughts. Kejriwal stooges never ever really touching the root cause but looking at the symptoms trying to give medicine and education and all that is needed by others by putting their hands in pockets of tax payers. They just wanted to keep on adding new policies and make bigger government to govern the people  and when people become corrupt; add lokpal on top of it. when lokpal become corrupt add new super lokpal on top of it, just keep on doing the same until you are dried up of resources. Then you will have incredibly corrupted mammoth and these guys will get away by saying experiment went wrong and will fix by putting super duper LOKPAL. Hilarious isn’t it.

The vision document of Kejriwal’s party says:  “No beacons on cars of any MPs or MLAs” what good this particular thing will server; nothing, it is again a futile move from Crusader to underline populist move. Right to Reject and Right to Recall will create a unnecessary chaos when majority will decide whether the work done is wrong or right; these guys do not want to make things right not even once but they just wanted to appeal to people emotion and think that it will be enough to frame some useless policy. Another vision of Crusader Kejriwal “A maximum of 2 years to act on any case of corruption. “ ; how this is even feasible, it is like giving one  length  trouser to  fix ant and elephant. Complexity of cases does not pay any heed to crusader, rather than increasing the courts and setting up fast track while taking the law to take it own course. This is one medicine for all.
This again is killer weapon “Everyone will be provided with good education and good healthcare services.” Already everyone know how much damage government education and healthcare done to poor but it does not matter to him as without fixing the real issue (which is mentioned in the previous blog RTE “Good Intention but a Very BAD IDEA!!!!!”) . They are no different from any other political party and these guys are even worse as they do not even understand economics and drag India to go back to old ages; where people were not even having a good quality stuff even when they have money. Kejriwal wanted People will sit together and decide whether to drink alcohol or not and decide whether to eat non veg or not. Finally where will it stop; when majority decides that people are not suppose to live or not or rather eat at all or not or  whether they want something or not. BUT SURELY if you have issues, rush to LOKPAL, THE GUARDIAN, he will be present to help in case of dispute and not even that; he can take action against anyone. But if he gets corrupted will fix by putting super duper LOKPAL. The story will go on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least now, people should understand the real issue and do not get fooled by crusaders who just wanted to put forward their Socialist thinking to stop the progress of nation and drag it down to a level where it will be really hard to get things done in proper way.

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  2. anneinash says:

    Well, you seem to present yourself as an “all-knower” but actually are making a fool of yourself. Swaraj is not socialism. Swaraj is decentralization. It has not failed miserably in the world. Infact, decentralization has worked like magic wherever it has been implemented.
    Decentralization is in place in the USA, Europe and Brazil. Take the example of Porto Alegre. You can do a google search to find out about the experiment. Decentralization changed the region from an underdeveloped, uneducated and corrupt place to one with highest rates of literacy, lowest rates of corruption and high levels of basic amenities.
    Decentralization has also been experimented in India in some villages of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and it worked just like magic. Transformed the whole place. And this is what is democracy. Democracy is not voting once in 5 years. People must be empowered to make the decisions themselves!

    • killgod2now says:

      First and foremost, if you read blog properly you will understand that it was not about decentralisation of power but promoting socialism in the lines of communist. Decentralization of power should be there but not at the cost of undermining the democracy and making it a communist regime where some people will decide your fate. Read the blog properly and read about how socialism will always result in high prices, inflation and corruption as some people will benefited by making government put their hands in pocket of bread earners. Serious advise to you please read it properly, i am in favour of decentralisation of power, to put fine point on it; less government and free market. If you really wanted to know what m talking about, read the free market ideology where government serves the function of protecting individual rights by apprehending criminals, stopping foreign aggressors, and running the courts. What swaraj Kejriwal is talking about in his book “Swaraj”, it is totally different and leaning towards communism; where they wanted to fix prices. Read the blog properly then will see who made the fool of himself. 

      • Lamda says:

        You sir, started with some bias toward Arvind and that bias made your judgement little distorted. When Arvind said people will discuss price model, the model could be market model. He may not be talking about individual commodity price. That is ridiculous for you to assume. I like your articles because they are full of polemics, it gives me different perspective. Thanks.

    • Brain Sick says:

      Just read his book “Swaraj”…you will definitely find that they are talking about fixing price in manifesto….They themselves said that they are left leaning….How much damage it can do….you dont have to look hard…..Just look at the condition of west Bengal and its politics which made policies so bad that not even single mill is working….There was no assumptions , that’s what is written in his book…….i based my argument on what they have written……

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  4. Monikandan says:

    Not sure if you have read the book. Could you please tell us the page number in the book “Swaraj” where it was mentioned that the price of commodities should be decided by people?
    Since you have rejected his ideas of “No beacons on cars of any MPs or MLAs” and “A maximum of 2 years to act on any case of corruption” I get a feeling that you are too biased and not ready to accept anything he says even if it is a valid point.

    • Brain Sick says:

      Just read the book and under ”
      Hivare Bazar Village in Maharashtra:” heading you will fin that…problem is that people think that being honest is good enough….but that not sufficient condition….or good intention…thats also not sufficient….person need to understand the basic economics and above all should respect individual freedom….Freedom at individual level to choose anything rather than majority deciding on something ….which is not possible by government or collective thinking ….it is only possible in FREE Market……Do some reading on free market and you will understand the whole problem is when people rejects the idea of individual freedom and they go on with collective mindset either by government or majority deciding stuff anywhere………

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