Violence against women: The horror of Rogue mindset!!!!

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Violence against women, Women
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Violence is one of the basic human instinct evolved since the inception of human being where the survival of the fittest was the only way out. People were and are always involved in some sort of violence; gaining some or the other benefit, either tangible or intangible. Mostly women are the one, who suffer maximum number of causalities and abuse. Only human can think and we all are products of our own thoughts; which builds character from preconceived notion from society and religion. Human mind being the servant of its own thoughts, which are deeply rooted in patriarchal and religious values. Religion no matter what it is; always been biased for women and subjugation of the right is prevalent in sacred text; where women is not even treated unequal but also a method to bring shame to family. This mindset who do not challenge; treat almost all women in their life with disrespect and abuse. In Indian and other society too, virginity is treated as symbol of honour not only for the girl but to her whole family, and if her virginity is lost before marriage or without the consent of family before marriage, then havoc hits that family. Verbal, physical and mental abuse starts not only from relatives and neighbor but also within the family and can drive them to a limit where they can take the life away from her. As Voltaire said “It is one of the superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue.

Deeply religious people not only in village/town/districts but also in cities; suffer with the same mindset of medieval period. First and foremost they don’t want a girl child, but when they get it, she will be facing all kind of restriction and boundaries. At a very young age itself girls have been taught or rather pierced in the mind that their family honour depends on her and she need to fulfil all that is demanded from her without making any decision on her own. But what happens, when the same nice girl make a decision to love someone or just wanted to have fun, whole society look at her as if some crime has already been committed and if parents doesn’t do anything to stop it, it a failure on their teaching and morals of society. Relatives comes with the s­­illiest argument that if we allow your daughter to take decision on her own; then in the near future my kid will follow her footsteps and dishonour their family name. They are afraid of giving a right to person to make her own choice in matters of her own life to suffice her own needs, in whichever way she thinks is better. That is not giving right or freedom but it is rather taking away freedom and free will from her. It is not just about men but ladies too in a family suffer from medieval mindset and they are the one who need to understand, or make them understand that, they are individual entity and no honour is bigger than individual. No one can make the change until and unless women themselves realize that they are individual and need to respected as individual and impart the same knowledge to her daughter that she is first; not the honour.

Whenever incident like rape, dowry murder and honour killing happens, media shows that repeatedly for a day and next day; nobody will be hearing nothing about the incident, until and unless it was so gory that it becomes high profile; case in point Delhi gang rape of 2012. News channel will run the shows on them, where they call some pseudo intellectuals; actually these so called intellectual don’t even have basic intellect so understand the issue; leave aside getting any decent reply on the issue at hand. The same goes for the television anchors, who think that they know something about the ground reality but in REALITY they are childish and thick. In Rape cases debate the whole issue revolves around the single point agenda, that we need more strict law. No one even bother to tell these guys that law is already really strict, not sure but pseudo intellectuals think that keeping policeman behind each and every women will solve the issue, which is totalling appalling. The issue is not with the law but with the implementation and manner in which they are handled by the police. Almost all TV debates are futile and they never ever come even close to root cause rather they wanted to fix the system by putting more system in place. Media for once can play instrumental role by respecting women as an Individual not by showing her as centre of family where she has to be a mother, sister and wife. We never do that with men but when it comes to women, they become separate entity and that’s where the problem lies. Respect her as individual, who has her rights and respect like any other citizen of the country.

Police reforms are necessary not just in the case of violence against women but in all cases. Just a casual visit into the police station will show, how pathetic the situation is, when it comes to just filing a FIR. Politics and administration just wanted to showcase lower the crime report number by not writing the report and claiming that it crime is going down. Major overhaul is needed in how police works in the system and why even after so much talk on news, nothing is done on ground to change the situation. To start with The Police Act of 1861 is still very much in place in the police department, and politician doesn’t wanted to remove or rather modify the colonial act. Politician do not want the change as they might lose the control over the system, of which they are the major beneficiaries, who use the police administration as they want. Under the colonial act, the whole sole right and law regarding the enactment comes directly under the state as per List II, Schedule 7 of the Indian Constitution. Hence the need of the day is to firmly implement reforms mentioned by the Supreme courts and directives were given to states to follow it accordingly. Until Police make an effort and sends a strong message to whole society that they are present to help, these issue will keep on occurring. People like Kejriwal will pounce on the opportunity for their political ambition by making ridiculous statement like “We have collected about 30 to 40 retired Army personnel and we will form a blueprint for how security will be provided to women in the event that we come to power,” and will add more grievance to already suffering public.

Government along with people can drive the initiative to provide the awareness among women to feel safe and secure at all places and helpline number not just for showcase but actually equipped with ladies police to deal with situations instantly with proper support and coordination within the police department. Agreeable solution to issues of violence against women can be taken in phased manner along with citizens from all sections of society:

1. Making them the aware of laws

2. Promotion of literacy to have overall development which is clearly missing

3. Encouragement to stand on their feet,

4. Respecting themselves as single women and then expecting respect from others

5. Social conditioning of mothers to treat daughters as an individual who has all rights like any other

6. Bigger responsibilities lies with parents to treat and teach equality to kids irrespective of gender

Education in India itself is a major challenge, which was discussed broadly in the RTE “Good Intention but a Very BAD IDEA!!!!!”. It is high time now that government start taking the issues at hand seriously otherwise people frustration will drive them to the solutions provided by the crusaders and which will be a disaster for the nation and for the democracy for which we are really proud of.

Women themselves has to wake and start taking matter bit more seriously and self help is best help which anyone can look for.

Finally it’s all Karma that drives the way of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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