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As per news published in some of the leading newspapers that 473 Punjab school asked to put down their shutters as they found that these schools are violating the Right to education act and playing with kids future. The Right to Education has made it compulsory for every private unaided school to admit at least 25% of its entry level class from children belonging to weaker section of society and disadvantaged groups. For this category of students the state government shall reimburse schools an amount equal to either the fees charged by the school or the per child expenditure in state schools, whichever is lower. Herein the problem lies when laws are made compulsory for the private institutions and transferring the liabilities(incompetence) lies at the end of government on Private institutions. The government do not want the transparency and accountability at their end but wanted to ruin the private run institution by pushing the limits. This will have far reaching effect on increasing the corruption, higher cost on parents who are paying, open BPL card black market and money refund will become tedious as state government will have to bear the burden of money.
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