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Indian Premier League (IPL) has taken a jibe of SPOT fixing in its latest season of 2013 just before the finish of trophy. Fixing in cricket is not fresh scandal unearthed by the Delhi and Mumbai police, even before also former captain of India cricket team was found to be guilty. But bigger question is why did Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), did not take the action after the scandal surfaced in 2000, they sat on it for so long that It has became so nasty now that not only players but even the team managers seems to be involved in it. Again police seems to be doing the job to spot the players who seems to be involved in the business of fixing and their links to Bollywood and underworld. If police is willing and government allows they will soon hit a hornet’s nest, which can lead to big fishes and sharks who are actually controlling this billion dollars business. But the basic question need to be asked whether putting a better laws to curb betting business will help anyone or it will be a cover up until a fresh scandal hit the media and chorus starts again to ban the game itself. Indian media and society just wanted to show their back to nasty business of spot fixing, as if it is something which was not done before and after scandal it is not happening, which is totally untrue because of the nature of business, where money is involved in billions of dollars. We need to face this issue upfront that demanding more laws to curb the spot fixing will not help, as bookies and their masters will find a better solution to use the same system to generate the profit. Better solution will be to regulate the betting and legalize betting so that bookies can come in open and revenue, which is generated can come to government. Government and their ministers have to understand that basic instinct of human nature cannot be curbed by more and strict laws but by regulating it, which is done in the case of liquor, which once was treated as immoral and ban was put on it. But soon the government realized that it will not help and regularized it start a revenue stream from it, same need to done for cricket too. Continue Reading more!