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Sometimes it happens in society that people are so frustrated, irritated, fearful and confused with the politics and policies of government that they are willing to embrace anything, which gives them hope, that everything will be fine until they do not believe everything; what uncapped crusaders like Arvind Kejriwal has to offer in name of swaraj. The problem does not totally lies with the people but with political class, more specifically with the opposition (the case in point BJP), who did not even tried to tap feeling and went behind these Satyagraha movement or Anti corruption movement. The lacuna of ignorance and hatred for government rather getting filled and tapped by opposition parties, is taken up by the Crusader (Arvind Kejriwal) and made it a national movement as people were having same feeling of  frustration, irritation, fearfulness and confusion everywhere. Media played a heavy role in making this as full time 24X7 entertainment on their channel. Government was totally inane to get hold on movement and deal with it properly as they themselves were buried under number of scams, measuring in billions of dollars. Government even tried to suppress the movements by force and given opportunity to crusaders, to use the anger of crowds as weapon and become submissive to their idea; whatever they have to offer, without understanding it.
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