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Flagship scheme (Food Security Bill) of Congress towing the lines of socialism and another populist scheme to gain votes in the coming 2014 general election. The problem with the flagship schemes is that flag is waved by party to project the scheme as success but in reality ship is marred by heavy corruption and inefficiency. Political parties simply do not want to look through the issue or rather problem at hand, which is purchasing power and employment, needed by person either in town or city to purchase the goods of his/her needs. Parliament was jammed and ruckus was created on the corruption issues, which is forte of government, but none of the political leader actually wanted a debate on the point that why food security bill (FSB) is needed and how it will create corruption. They wanted a debate on implementation of the scheme but the problem lies with the inception itself, when government allow ELIGIBLE household; 5kg food grain per person per month. The monster in waiting is the failed Public Distribution System (FDS), which will open new black market of food grain like kerosene in the current scenario. It is not rocket science to understand from procurement till distribution everything will have corruption as it is free money to procure, accounting can be tampered and in distribution (FCI) it will be given through ration cards, which is already suffering from heavy corruption. Babus and bureaucrats at the top will take away their share, which is a known facts even though government will deny it, and in middle market middleman and government agent will take their share and finally the local ration unit will eat away as much as he wants. The actual beneficiaries for whom the scheme is launched will be suffering from the hunger and poverty as before and only the handful on people will get benefitted. These handful of people will become cheerleaders for the government phony schemes and will help in propagate the lies that populist schemes actually helps the poor but in reality it never helps the poor. Continue Reading more!


Violence is one of the basic human instinct evolved since the inception of human being where the survival of the fittest was the only way out. People were and are always involved in some sort of violence; gaining some or the other benefit, either tangible or intangible. Mostly women are the one, who suffer maximum number of causalities and abuse. Only human can think and we all are products of our own thoughts; which builds character from preconceived notion from society and religion. Human mind being the servant of its own thoughts, which are deeply rooted in patriarchal and religious values. Religion no matter what it is; always been biased for women and subjugation of the right is prevalent in sacred text; where women is not even treated unequal but also a method to bring shame to family. This mindset who do not challenge; treat almost all women in their life with disrespect and abuse. In Indian and other society too, virginity is treated as symbol of honour not only for the girl but to her whole family, and if her virginity is lost before marriage or without the consent of family before marriage, then havoc hits that family. Verbal, physical and mental abuse starts not only from relatives and neighbor but also within the family and can drive them to a limit where they can take the life away from her. As Voltaire said “It is one of the superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue.
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